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Q: Will using a pillow for stomach sleepers /“The Healthy Pillow” lower my blood pressure?

 A: The short answer is yes.  Becoming a stomach sleeper lowers your blood pressure. Read the study.  Since sleeping stomach down can be uncomfortable, The Healthy Pillow provides the best pillow for stomach sleepers that assists you in achieving that desired position by adding comfort and relaxation that no other wedge pillow offers.

Q: I have a neck (cervical) and back tension issues. What will a stomach pillow/ The Healthy Pillow do for someone like me? 

A: If you currently are a stomach sleeper, then you will experience a greater relaxed sleep because unlike any conventional pillow available, the wedge shape design of The Healthy Pillow allows your head to rotate to the side which will release most if not all stored tension in the neck.  It will also assist in keeping the head and spine in structural alignment.  If you are not a stomach sleeper, than maybe it's time you try this position by using the best pillow for stomach sleepers.  

Q: Will the stomach pillow/ The Healthy Pillow cure my sleep apnea? 

A: If you suffer from Tongue obstruction, which is typical of people who sleep on their back, then by becoming a stomach sleeper, your sleep apnea should improve due to gravity moving the tongue forward away from the back of the throat, thus creating a clearer pathway.  That is of course if you have the correct stomach pillow.  

Q: Will the stomach pillow/ The Healthy Pillow help with my snoring?

A: The Healthy Pillow may or may not alleviate the snoring depending on what is causing your snoring to begin with.  If you are experiencing tongue obstruction in the throat/neck area, the release of tension/torsion coupled with moving the tongue forward by shifting to a stomach sleeper position should give you the desired effect.   

Q: What if I change positions during the night from back sleeper to stomach sleeper?

A: Even thought The Healthy Pillow is most known for being the best pillow for stomach sleepers, you can rotate it and sleep on your side or back.  

Q: What is the stomach pillow/ The Healthy Pillow made of? 

A: High quality Memory foam.  Made in the USA  

Q: I use a CPAP device. Will the Healthy Pillow work for me? 

A: Most CPAP mask will work.  The bigger the mask, full face mask, the more likely you will be restricted with movement during the course of the night.  We suggest using the Regular firmness of the pillows for a stable support for your face.

Q: Will a standard pillow case fit The Healthy Pillow? 

A: We suggest using a European pillow case for larger pillows found in most bedding stores 

Q::  What is the best pillow for stomach sleepers?

A:  The Healthy Pillow