The Healthy Pillow | Best stomach sleeper pillow 

The Healthy Pillow American companyMade in America The Healthy Pillow was designed by an American small business owner.  This person, suffering from a range of neck issues, sought out a pillow that could provide a stomach sleeper with relief to stiff necks and back ache.  In short, he needed a high quality stomach pillow for himself.  After searching the market place for weeks, he came to the conclusion that nothing was available.  Well, at least nothing worth purchasing.  It was hard to believe that a stomach sleeper pillow that was so needed in our society wasn't there for the purchase.  He decided to take it upon himself to design and fabricate the best stomach pillow on the market, "The Healthy Pillow".  Thanks to the designer, we all have the opportunity to experience the best stomach sleeper pillow available today.    

The Healthy Pillow, stomach pillow is an American made product ( Patent # US9,357,864 B2 ) created by an American company.  We use the highest quality and the safest materials to produce the most comfortable stomach pillow for our sleepers.  The Healthy Pillow is made of a high quality memory foam.  This newest style of memory foam is far more advanced than other materials on the market.  The memory foam of yesterday had a tendency to be very temperature sensitive allowing for a fluxuation in the firmness of the pillow.   The new material keeps it's "Feel" consistent through greater ranges of temperature giving you the most consistent memory foam available.  All pillows come with a sealed knitted cover to better protect your investment for a longer life.  Enjoy The Healthy Pillow.  We thank you!