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Polling has shown that over 1/4 of our population, that's over 50 million people in this country, sleep stomach down/ chest down.  What's even worst yet is the millions of other people that would prefer to sleep stomach down, but due to large amounts of neck, back and shoulder discomfort, those people opt to sleep on their side or back.  The Healthy Pillow gives those people the solution they need for a better nights sleep.   

soreneck The Healthy PillowSay goodbye to stiff necks

People who are stomach sleepers may encounter these issues without The Healthy Pillow:

  • Sore and stiff necks create cervical issues
  • Sore shoulders and migraines
  • Sore or stiff back along with back aches
  • General discomfort or pain from sleeping
  • Sleepless nights or insomnia
  • High blood pressure (potentially)  

 Our Ergonomic wedge shape designed neck pillow for the stomach sleeper

The Healthy Pillow is unlike any pillow out there.  The
orthopedic pillow stomach sleeper design makes it the best pillow for stomach sleepers.  People with cervical and orthopedic concerns were also taken into consideration to create the best anti-pain pillow available.  Though the pillow can be used for different sleeping positions, "The Healthy Pillow" has the stomach sleeper in mind.  If you are a stomach sleeper, then you will instantly understand the logic behind "The Healthy Pillows" design.    


The "The Healthy Pillow" is the best pillow for stomach sleepers, but side and back sleepers like it too

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Memory foam pillow  

The latest memory foam pillow formula that prevents firmness fluxuation in different temperatures.  Our made in America pillow company solved this issue and offers it to you.    

The stomach sleeper pillow that is an Anti Pain pillow.  

Because of the curviture of the back, we designed The Healthy Pillow with a subtle incline that spans the overall length of the pillow to create the best orthopedic lumbar support as not to aggravate the back.   Some say it would qualify as a body pillow because of the wedge shape design. 

Our stomach sleeper pillow is good for the neck too   

A head rest that allows the head to release the tension in the neck by rotating to a relaxed position that no other neck pillow offers.  The best cervical solution     

Better Spinal alignment that qualifies The Healthy Pillow as the chiropractors superior neck and back pillow for stomach sleepers  


Stomach sleeper pillow ergonomic design

The most comfortable wedge pillow for a stomach sleeper availablestomach sleeper pillow comfort

Shoulder support pillow

Neck support pillow

Back support pillow

Jaw support pillow

Comfort is something that is desired from every living thing on this planet. 

Once you experience "The Healthy Pillow", you’ll agree, it just makes sense.