Naturally lower blood pressure

If you suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure), then you should take the time to read this article.  We have an epidemic in this country and it's here for a multitude of reasons.  The cause for high blood pressure can be difficult to pinpoint but we at The Healthy Pillow have been working on lowering your blood pressure with our stomach sleeper pillow.  

Here is a short list of high blood pressure-hypertension symptoms:Doctors The Healthy PillowThe Research is "Real" - Read the report here!

  • Severe headache
  • Fatigue or confusionrecommendedbydoctors
  • Vision problems
  • Chest pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Blood in the urine
  • Pounding in your chest, neck, or ears

If you suspect you may have hypertension, please "First" seek advice from a qualified doctor.  Don't wait, this is a serious matter and should be addressed as so.    

If you are under the care of a doctor and are looking for additional help to natuallay lower your blood pressure, please read on.  

There are millions of people looking for the best high blood pressure remedies and treatments, but most of the time you will have to resort to taking high blood pressure medication to reduce the pressure.  Some of us are looking for a natural treatment to lower blood pressure.  Keep reading.   

Blood pressure reducing remedies:blood pressure the healthy pillow

  • Lose extra pounds and watch your waistline. Blood pressure often increases as weight increases. ...
  • Exercise regularly. ...
  • Eat a healthy diet. ...
  • Reduce sodium in your diet. ...
  • Limit the amount of alcohol you drink
  • Become a "Stomach Sleeper" in the prone position.  We suggest using the best stomach sleeper pillow available, "The Healthy Pillow"

Good blood pressure signs

A study has shown that people who sleep on their stomachs or prone have lower night time blood pressure.  Yasuharu Tabara of Ehime University School of Medicine in Ehime, Japan, noted that high blood pressure during the night can increase the risk of a night time heart attack, reports Patient Health International.

In the research, more than 270 healthy men ages 19 to 64 who were not taking blood pressure medication wore automatic blood pressure cuffs. They were first asked to lie down face up and later were told to turn over on their stomachs.  This didn't result in lowering the blood pressure.  

"CLICK" The Research Paper on how sleeping in a prone position helps lower your blood pressure. Best stomach sleeper pillow

Reduce blood pressure with a stomach sleeper pillow 

In almost all the men, their overall blood pressure dropped significantly when they were face down.  That is amazing!  About 25% of the men experienced an even more dramatic decrease of more than 15 points when they just turned over onto their stomachs.

Systolic pressure reduced with stomach sleeping

In addition, systolic blood pressure, which is the force blood exerts on the artery walls when the heart beats, fell by as much as 15 mmHg in response to moving into the prone position, compared with the supine position, reports Patient Health International.

Good blood pressure regained with the best stomach pillow

"These findings indicate that sleeping position could influence blood pressure," the researchers said. "Marked change in blood pressure during sleep by turning the position may need to be further studied as a possible cause of the cardiovascular events during the sleep."  The wonderful thing is that the Healthy Pillow offers a natural nonsurgical solution that will assist you in the most comfortable position while sleeping this way.  No other pillow offers this comfort. 

Through Dr. Tabura's research, it’s plain to see that by staying or becomming a stomach sleeper is very beneficial for your blood pressure and a person’s health.  When your blood pressure is improved, your health is improved.  That edgy personality created by high blood pressure could be replaced with a calmer disposition because you benefited from the use of “The Healthy Pillow” and how it can assist in lowering your blood pressure. 

High blood pressure remedies

Anyone can be a stomach sleeper today with the pillow they already have, but that person will undoubtedly experience discomfort from stiff necks and back aches because the conventional side pillow lacks the thought and design necessary for the stomach sleeper.  So that we are clear, The Healthy Pillow, the best stomach sleeper pillow, does not lower blood pressure, sleeping chest down does.  Since the pillow is designed for a stomach sleeper, a stomach sleeper will feel the most comfort when using "The Healthy Pillow", the stomach sleeper pillow.