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The Healthy Pillow snore sleep aid pillow offers an amazing and affordable, non-surgical snore solution that no other pillow has.

The problem with snoring  sleep deprivation the healthy pillow stomach pillow

Snoring is usually a problem our sleep partner has to deal with.  Let's face it, when the person next to you can't sleep, you can bet you'll hear all about it the next morning.  People who suffer from snoring may have any number of issues contributing to the problem.  Would you think this problem could be solved with a stomach pillow?  Read on...  

Some of the more common causes for snoring are:

  • Anatomy of the mouth.  Having a low, thick soft palate can narrow your airway. People who are overweight may have extra tissues in the back of their throat that may narrow their airways. Likewise, if the triangular piece of tissue hanging from the soft palate (uvula) is elongated, airflow can be obstructed and vibration increased.  Snoring Surgery is the only remedy.
  • Alcohol consumption.  Snoring also can be brought on by consuming too much alcohol before bedtime. Alcohol relaxes throat muscles and decreases your natural defenses against airway obstruction.  Cut back or eliminate drinking before sleeping is your best bet for this problem.
  • Nasal problems.  Chronic nasal congestion or a crooked partition between your nostrils (deviated nasal septum) may contribute to your snoring.  Snoring Surgery is the only remedy.
  • Sleep apnea.  Snoring also may be associated with obstructive sleep apnea. In this serious condition, your throat tissues or tongue partially or completely block your airway, preventing you from breathing.  The Healthy Pillow should be your first attempt to cure sleep apnea to avoid invasive snore surgery.  Sleep apnea surgery is serious, painful and it's a bell you can't unring.  Beware, there is no undoing the snore surgery!   

Obstructive sleep apnea reliefsleep apnea stomach pillow the healthy pillow remedy 

  By examining this diagram, it is easy to understand that sleeping on your back can produce the symptoms of sleep apnea known as “Tongue Obstruction”.  The technical term for this is problem is "Obstructive sleep apnea" or O.S.A.  As you can imagine, this is one form of sleep apnea that can greatly interupt sleep as well as cause snoring.  The root problem to O.S.A. is simple; People who suffer from sleep apnea undoubtedly suffer from lack of oxygen entering their system during times of sleep causing them to wake up and gasp for breath.  By sleeping on your back, gravity pulls the tongue to the back of the throat/neck.  In doing so, the air pathway is narrowed and sometimes even closes.  Being over weight can amplify this effect. 

The Healthy Pillow offers sleep apnea sufferers a lowcost therapy that utilizes the natural force of gravity to your advantage.  By merely turning over and sleeping on your chest/stomach will allow gravity to move the tongue to the front of the mouth and away from the back of the throat.  Our solution to your problem is affordable and worth trying.  The alternative is "Permanent" surgery with no guarantees.  “The Healthy Pillow” is designed to improve breathing during sleep and will allow higher amounts of oxygen to enter the system removing that choking sensation.  The Healthy Pillow is the best anti-snore pillow out there that uses the natural force of gravity.

Snoring aids, anti snoring devices and snoring cures:Stomach sleeper pillow The Healthy PillowBest Stomach Sleeper pillow

  • The Healthy Pillow, the stomach sleeper anti-snore pillow 
  • Snoring surgery-This strategy should be last thing you try because you cannot unring this bell
  • Snoring mouthpiece
  • Cpap machine
  • Diet & Exercise-Read below

Sleep deprivation leads to high cortisol level

What does this mean for you?  Simple, the less sleep you get, the more weight you will put on.  The bulge in your stomach area will increase.  This is the number one place high cortisol levels show.  In short, you will put on weight if you can't get the right type of sleep.  If you are already over weight, it is terribly difficult to lose those extra pounds if you can't sleep.